Saturday, January 17, 2009

Property Control!!!

Another two days have gone by and it's getting more and more busy!  Yesterday was my first day of Fantasyland training.  I met at the costuming department and we split up into smaller groups.  I was with two other girls and our trainer, Jack.  He took us over to Fantasyland and gave us a more detailed tour of the land, mainly of the different stores and carts we will be working at.  He also showed us where the restaurants and the bathrooms are so when people ask we would know, which came in handy because about 10 minutes later I had a lady asking me where the bathroom was.  After that we went to the cafeteria in the tunnels and then met with one of the managers over Fantasyland.  She gave us pin trading lanyards which was super exciting ... I got a green one which means I get to trade with children ages 3-12.  I got off about 5:30 and went back to the apartment where Lauren and I cooked dinner.  I received my first two movies from Netflix so I watched the first part of The Women and then we went to bed.

Today I had to get up about 6:20 and head over to the university.  I had a class on how to combine entertainment and merchandise which included a TON of training on the register.  We got off about 12:30 and took the bus over to the cafeteria in the tunnels at the Magic Kingdom until 1:30 when we had to go back to the university for a computer class.  When we finished a girl I work with, Meaghan, and I went over to the cast stores.  One store was decent priced, mainly anywhere from like 10-50% off, but since it's all Disney merchandise a ton of it was still rather expensive.  BUT then we went to the other store.  It's exclusively for cast members, so if you come unfortunately I can't take you there.  At this store they sell lost and found stuff that is never claimed.  I didn't even touch that stuff cause personally I think that's a little strange.  But they also sell damaged stuff.  Some is obviously damaged but other things they claim are damaged but they really just are trying to get rid of them.  So, I got presents!!!  I ended up with 7 items and spent $14!  I'm gonna try to ship everything Tuesday, but I'm not promising anything.  And just fyi ... I got something for Noah, mom, Kristin, Aunt Kim and Chels.  It's nothing big so don't expect a ton, but they all reminded me of you in some way.  Also for those of you who didn't get something like dad and James ... I promise I'll keep my eye out.  They just didn't have ANYTHING you would like today.  So now I'm back at the apartment just relaxing although in just a bit Lauren and I are gonna go over to Magic Kingdom and see if we can get on the rides since the younger kids will be gone!  
Tomorrow I work from 12:30 to 6:30 and then Lauren has the day off.  Magic Kingdom is open until 11 so I think we're gonna go there since most kids won't be out until that late.  And then we both have Monday off.  It is Memorial Day which will probably be crazy, but we're planning on braving the crowds and going to Animal Kingdom!
Also, random little fact which I think is very exciting, but you may very well not.  I joined Netflix and was planning on renting a bunch of Disney movies.  I figured since I work for Disney now I should brush up on my movie watching.  Anyway, so I received Atlantis, one AMAZING movie that I haven't seen in so long so I was pretty excited!  Well, throughout the Disney property there are places called Learning Centers, including one in the tunnels that I pass everyday going to work.  Here, for free, I can check out pretty much any and every Disney dvd ever made!  So, even though you may not be excited, I though it was pretty cool!

Have a blessed weekend!


P.S. Here are Lauren's two costumes!  She is in Housekeeping at the Animal Kingdom Lodge!

This is her janitorial one.  She's not sure when she'll wear it, but she thinks it looks like an Asian chef.  I have to admit, it's pretty funny!


Dana said...

The maids at the hotels I stay at never look like that! Very cute!