Tuesday, December 23, 2008

3 Weeks To Go!

Hey everyone!

I'm sure most of you know, but for those of you who don't I recently got accepted into an internship with Disney in Orlando, Florida. On January 12th my friend from high school, Lauren Spivey, and I will be checking into an apartment right outside of the Disney World resort. I'll be working full time in merchandising at either one of the parks or at Downtown Disney (I'll find out my exact location when I begin training) and hopefully will have the opportunity to take a lecture series from the leaders of the marketing teams at Disney, something that would help me in my pursuit of a marketing degree. Lauren will be working at one of the resorts as a housekeeper. I will be living in Florida until May 22 and depending on the season for the parks I will be working anywhere from around 30-60 hours a week. Because of this I won't have a ton of time to keep in touch with everyone I would like to :( So, hopefully by updating this I will not only get to hear a little from each of you, but you can keep up with all the craziness and amazing moments at Disney!

As for now I just ask for your prayers. Although Spivey and I are both extremely excited and anxious to get moved in and started at our jobs, we are both super nervous since now we get to see our friends and family on a daily basis. We both know this opportunity is where God wants us for this exact moment in life, so please be praying that He also gives us an extreme peace about the next few months. Also, we know for sure that we will get to be living in the same apartment. Apartments are anywhere from 1 - 4 bedrooms with two people per room. Ultimately we would love to have a 1 bedroom apartment since we trust that we will be respectful of eachothers schedules. We know that even if we do have roommates it's in God's will, but honestly we can't imagine living with 7 others girls ... so please keep the situation in your prayers.

I'm not sure how often I'll be able to update this, but I'm going to try as much as I can ... and hopefully I'll be getting pictures on here as well! As for now I'm just trying to get things ready. I literally JUST moved back home from Dallas Baptist a week ago, so I'm still in the process of getting everything in order from the move. Then tomorrow is Christmas Eve and the next day Christmas and then I'll be in Austin from the 27th to 30th for Christmas at Noah's house. New Years Eve of course I'll be celebrating and then New Years Day is Kristin's birthday. Finally on the 4th we will be leaving for a cruise (our family's Christmas present ... but shhh!!! Noah knows we're going on vacation but he doesn't know when or where yet!) out of New Orleans to Mexico. We will be back in New Orleans on January 10th where Lauren and her boyfriend, Daniel, will be meeting us and then along with my mom and Noah we will be road-tripping to Orlando. So ... I officially leave in less then 2 weeks ... and I still need to pack not only for the cruise, but also for the 5 months I'll be living in Florida. Also, I'll be using my mom's car while in Florida which is bigger then mine, but I'll still have to find a way to fit the three of our cruise luggage plus all my moving stuff in the one car! Pretty much it's stressing me out!!! But I know I'll get it all done!

Anyway ... my parents and Noah are sitting here so I should get going. Plus I've got about 400 pages of Breaking Dawn I have to read so I can leave it for my sister when I leave :)

~ Steph