Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ready For A Break!

So work is def getting outta control!  I feel like I've been working non-stop ... but I guess that is what I came here for.  The first two paychecks you get here get all screwed up because of rent and stuff ... so today I got my first "real" paycheck.  It was nice because I needed money ... but Florida taxes are INSANE!!!  I made close to $300 last week but between my $93 a week rent and taxes I only got $113 of it.  I guess that's not bad considering it was only for 1 week of work at $7.21 an hour ... but the $300 would have been WAY nicer!  

This week I once again had Monday and Tuesday off.  Monday I mainly relaxed and caught up on some much needed rest.  It was Lauren and Daniel's 2 year so I went to the store and got some stuff to decorate with.  I ended up with some candles, rose petals, a rose, heart candies and sparkling cider.  When she got home the stuff was set up all over her bed and then Daniel sent her an invitation he made to go on an online chatting date.  It was really cute and a lot of fun!  Then Tuesday my roommate Allie and I went to Epcot.  It's starting to get more and more crowded as it gets closer to March and Spring Break, so we avoided the main rides.  Instead we went on Journey Into The Imagination and then over to Honey I Shrunk The Audience.  Epcot has this new Kim Possible adventure so we got recruited to be secret agents!  We went over to Italy and were issued special cell phones that told us to go to Japan to stop the killer Bebe robots.  It was cool because the phone tells you to go to certain places in your land and look at certain objects to help fix the problem.  Like at one point we looked at a rock and then the phone would synch up to it and a Japanese symbol lit up ... it was crazy!  After we helped stop the Bebe's we shopped in Japan where I bought a pack of 50 incense with a stand.  Then we went over to Mouse Gear where I got a charm bracelet and a castle charm that says Walt Disney World.  I decided I was going to collect charms during my time here ... which I'm pretty excited about!  Also I bought another present ... but it's top secret!  

Allie and I excited about our Kim Possible phone and our top secret mission!
Lauren's bed on her and Daniel's 2 year!
Yesterday I worked from 1:00 to 9:30 ... but that wasn't the end of my night.  As I believe I have previously posted, Lauren and my smoke alarm was chirping every hour the other night.  I called the front desk and they claimed they fixed it ... but I guess they hadn't very well cause last night it started chirping again.  So we got Allie to stand on a table (cause she's the tallest) and take out the battery ... except the stupid thing didn't turn off.  She unhooked it and turns out the stupid thing was connected to 3 wires in the ceiling ... and since we had taken the battery out the darn thing starting chirping EVERY 5 SECONDS!!!  Lauren and I were so mad so we were planning on going to the fire department around the corner to get their help, but instead we decided to ask security.  They wrote down our information and said they would try and get help in a couple hours ... which by then it was 10 something.  We quickly figured out they weren't at all gonna try and get help ... so I called my dad and he helped me figure out how to unhook all the wires.  So now our fire alarm is sitting on our coffee table while there is a huge hole with a bunch of wires hanging out in our ceiling ... and maintenance has still not come.

Lauren yelling at the smoke alarm!
I was very angry at the smoke alarm ... if you can't tell!  (P.S. I'm well aware I look pregnant in this picture ... but I'm not!  Rather I have like 50 layers on cause Florida is FREEZING!)
The only remains in our ceiling!

Today I worked from 8:00 - 2:00.  It was a short shift but probably one of the worst because it was FREEZING!  When I listened to the radio this morning they said it was 30 but felt 22 and was a record breaker for Florida!  Well I don't know what the deal is but all the stores in Fantasyland are open and for some reason they don't even attempt to heat them ... so for 6 hours I got to stand in weather that felt 22 degrees!  It was awful!!!  I was so excited when I got off and instantly put on sweats.  Then I went to get my new Netflix movies and Lauren and I got in our beds and started Pineapple Express.  We both ended up falling asleep for a couple hours and when we finally woke up Lauren made us chicken tacos and queso!  It was amazing but we're both so full we don't want to move ... so now we're back in bed watching the rest of the movie!  Tomorrow I work 1:30 to 9:30 and then I have another morning shift the next day.  

If you could all just be in prayer ... my sister and mom are suppose to be coming next weekend but the flights are getting sketchy.  In fact Noah and Daniel are coming the following weekend and they already had to buy tickets or else they weren't gonna get to come.  My sister and mom can't buy tickets so if you could please please please be in prayer that they have the opportunity to come.  Lauren and I are still enjoying ourselves but we're starting to get extremely homesick.  Knowing they are coming has been motivating me and it would suck if they couldn't make it ... especially since I'll have the whole weekend off when no one else does.  

I'm off for now ... I hope everyone is doing well!!!


"Be glad for all God is planning for you.  Be patient in trouble, and always be prayerful."  ~Romans 12:12

I was having a really hard day the other day because I got exhausted and just wanted to go home ... so Noah sent me this verse as encouragement!  It's one we all need to look upon!

Lauren got a burst of energy tonight ... and this was the result lol!


Dad said...

Wow! That is some dance Lauren... Maybe you can apply to be one of the Disney dancers......LOL
Did the fire alarm get fixed? I thought maybe you missed it so here you go...BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP ect.

Love you Doodles
Stay Warm if you can, I'm in Las Vegas and it was nice today about 68 but it really cools off at night should be freezing by morning....

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Hi baby girl ~ I love to read your posts ~ they are so much fun and it is great to hear how you are doing ~ thank you for being such a great blogger girl !!
You did a wonderful job on Lauren's bed, very pretty !
I agree with dad, Lauren does need to be a Disney dancer ~
Have a wonderful day !!

auntie kim said...

Hi Steph!
you have quite the adventures. It would be fun to be able to visit the parks in such a casual way and have no time limits.
I am so going to pray that your mom and sister can make it. I am sure that you are so anxious for company from home.
Taxes do stink dont they, I hate them!
I love Laurens decorations that was so creative. I thought that would be cool for Chels' honeymoon night room! You did good.
I cant believe that it is so cold there. I only remember how hot we were and I did not think Floria got really cold. Interesting.
Well have a great evening.
Luv u
Auntie Kim