Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Relying On God's Will

So I know I haven't updated in awhile ... but pretty much things have been rather interesting and SUPER stressful.  Sunday night was my shift that was scheduled until 2 in the morning.  Thankfully we got done a little early and I ended up clocking out around 1:15 so I was in bed by 2.  Still I'm use to going to bed and being asleep by like 11 and getting close to 10 hours of sleep a night and Lauren has been waking up by 6 every morning so on Monday morning we both woke up with sore throats.  We weren't feeling all that great but we never get days off together so we decided since it was a rare moment we needed to go to a park.  Originally we were going to go to Blizzard Beach but we figured it wouldn't be a good idea to go to a water park when we were getting sick.  Instead we headed over to the Magic Kingdom ... which was awesome!  The park wasn't all that busy so we ended up getting to ride this little transport thing around Tomorrowland, the rockets in Tomorrowland, the Laugh Floor, Snow White's Scary Adventure, the Haunted Mansion, Philhar Magic and we got to explore the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse.  Lauren also bought us brownie sundaes at Mrs. Pott's Ice Cream Shop which was SOOO good but they were HUGE!  

Peter Pan and Wendy at Dream Along With Mickey!  I was SO excited when Peter Pan came on I literally starting squealing and jumping around like a little kid.  Many of you may be wondering why ... but as I explained to Noah, Peter Pan is wayyyy cooler then any princess.  Not only is he magical and can fly, but he never grows up!!!  The princesses on the other hand are not magical and like Snow White wasn't even smart enough to stay away from the poison apple.  I may be a nerd for thinking so much into it, but I'm ok with that.  Plus Peter Pan waved at me in the tunnels one day ... and the princesses never have!
My amazingly awesome and verrrrry sweet brownie sundae!
So Lauren and I were trying to find the rockets that go around like the Dumbo ride, but accidentally took the ride entrance next to it and ended up on this little tram around Tomorrowland.  This picture and the one below are our "uh-oh" faces.

In front of the castle!

Tuesday I was suppose to work a 10 1/2 hour shift, but I was feeling worse so I decided it would be better to call in and rest.  So pretty much I didn't do ANYTHING except Lauren and I went to the store.  Tuesday was also Noah and my 1 year ... just fyi ... I can't believe it's been that long!  We couldn't be together obviously, but I sent him a video with tons of pictures we've taken over the last year.  It was funny cause the pictures went from all serious and posey to our true selves ... aka we don't care what we look like anymore!  Well, Lauren and I woke up this morning and were both feeling even worse, so once again I had to call in.  I had thought I just had a cold but I went to the doctor anyway.  Turns out I have yet another sinus infection ... I am the queen of them after all.  So I got an antibiotic which I am hoping kicks in like asap.  The doctor and the pharmacist both said it's a really strong antibiotic ... so let's hope!!!  I REALLY need to work tomorrow not only because I need the hours but since I called in 2 days in a row I currently have 2 points on my record card and if I get another point in the next 30 days I'll get a reprimand.  
Which brings me to my next thing ... if you could all just be in serious prayer for Lauren and I.  More immediate we both need to get healthy as soon as possible because we both really need to work.  Also, we're both just getting worn out with the whole situation.  We feel like we're working our butts off and barely bringing in any money.  It's literally a struggle for us every week because we work close to 40 hours and only bring home about $100, which is barely enough to pay for groceries and gas here.  And since I've been out so much this week I'm literally going to not get a paycheck and may even owe money for rent.  Thankfully my parents are AMAZING and they're helping me make it, but it's still quite stressful.  So if you could please be praying for us that would be amazing ... we are both also praying to see where God wants us next and what step to take next.  
Tonight we both pulled out our bibles and got online to listen to sermons.  Matt Chandler does series on different books in the bible and I started listening to a 13 part series on Ecclesiastes.  Tonight I went over the first chapter and basically it talked about how Solomon could ask for anything and he asked for wisdom and how on top of that God provided both wealth and power.  He also explained how we will never ever no matter how hard we try be as wise, wealthy and powerful as Solomon was.  Solomon wanted to understand more of life so he went and lived among the wealthiest men in the world and indulged in their luxuries and how he realized that those men were appealing to their 5 senses but they were longing for the simplicity of a poor man's life.  So then he went and lived among the poor and lived the life of a poor man appealing to their 5 senses and realized these men were longing for the lifestyles and luxuries of the rich.  Because of this he came to the conclusion that all life is meaningless and how we strive for these lifestyles but once we achieve them they're still not enough.  And then he explained how when we desire to appeal the five senses and live for that we will never find meaning in life because in the end the sun still sets and rises just as it did before and we will still move on in life without all the materialistic things we worked so hard for.  Then Matt Chandler explained how there's a 6th sense: faith.  He explained how when we strive for faith and look toward God then we move past the meaningless of the world and we rise above the sun to find true meaning.  It was super interesting!  Lauren listened to a different sermon, but by the time we were done we both felt a renewed sense of peace instead of panic.  It helped me re-direct my focus on not worry so much about the financial side of today but rather God's will for forever.  
Anywho, I took some night time medicine so I'm about ready to pass out.  As I said before just keep us in your prayers and thank you so much for all the one's you already said!

Have a good night!



auntie kim said...

Ok so how are you feeling? I hope that you do feel better today. Isnt it funny how whne you are at the lowest points we an turn to God and get such peace. God will answer your prayers and you will know what the next step is.
I can not believe that you and Noah have been together for a year! It goes very quickly. The video that you sent him sounded way cool.
I sure hope that you are better, I love you
Auntie Kim