Sunday, February 1, 2009

Magical Moments

Work is getting more and more slow as I'm getting more and more use to it.  Besides the fact that it's a slow season ... yes let's just say time has been going extremely slow!  But I've learned to not look at the clock until I'm on a break that way I never know how much time has passed.  Yesterday I worked 9:00 - 5:00 which as stated before passed extremely slow.  But when I got off Lauren and I decided to head over to Hollywood Studios despite our exhaustion and deep urge to simply lay in bed for hours on end.  We first walked over to Tower of Terror but the wait was extremely long, like miserably long.  Both of us had heard how amazing the Toy Story ride is but the wait seems to always close to 80 minutes.  The sign stated that the wait was 70 minutes but we figured what the heck.  Incredibly enough the line is super entertaining ... there's a bunch of oversized 90's toys like Candyland and Linkin Logs.  There's also a huge Mr. Potato Head that talks and sings which was pretty much the coolest thing ever.  Lucky for us the line only took about 30 minutes and the ride was AMAZING!!!  It was exactly as everyone had said and so worth the wait!!!  After the ride ended we decided to check out Tower of Terror again.  The sign said a 40 minute wait but I guess it hadn't been updated in awhile because we literally walked on.  Behind us in line there was a couple with 2 four year olds convincing them that it was actually the hotel they were gonna stay in.  They were saying things like "Isn't it nice?" and "Aren't you excited to get up to the room and relax!"  We started talking to them and they told us the poor things were gonna be traumatized!  Lauren and I felt so bad for the precious things ... but I will admit those were pretty clever parents.

In line at Toy Story.  This was one of the picture slides where you would click the little lever and the disk would revolve to new pictures!  This was a Tomorrowland one and there was also a Peter Pan one!
In front of the talking Mr. Potato Head!  There's also a video at the bottom of the post ... although it's loud!
Our 3-D glasses on about to get on the Toy Story Mania ride!

Today I worked from 10:45 to 6:15.  The day started out TERRIBLE!!!  I was exhausted because the smoke alarm in Lauren and my bedroom was running out of batteries ... so we were both literally in and out of sleep all night due to a VERY loud beeping every hour or less.  Literally we would wake up with a jump and our hearts racing it was so loud.  Then one of my first transactions at work I totally messed up.  The lady had grabbed a pair of earrings but they didn't have a price tag so I went to grab some new ones.  After I had finished the transaction she came back up and told me I had rung up the wrong earrings ... they were similar but not the exact same.  Well it's a rule that you can't do a return or exchange on a transaction you originally had ... but I was alone on that side of the store with like 5 people waiting in line.  I didn't want to make the lady wait for a manager so I quickly went to the other side of the store and asked another cast member to help me out.  She finally came over to find out we were out of the earrings the lady wanted.  So she went to another store to check and they didn't have any either ... so she told the lady she was gonna have to call a manager anyway.  Well the lady got super mad and was like "can't I just take them and pay the price of the others?"  But we can't do that without permission because it screws up inventory.  Finally the manager came and let the lady leave without a problem.  Well then a few transactions later a lady had a small snowglobe which I succeeded to tip over and have shatter on the counter.  To top it off when I finally got on break I tripped over my own feet ... not a big deal but by that time I was just over it! 

After my first break my day finally started to pick up.  I ended up at Tinkerbell's all day and we have this thing where you can call Tinkerbell to the store from Pixie Hollow.  Whenever someone asks or it's slow in the store you give a kid a big bell and you tell them to ring it really loud and yell for Tink because she has to hear you all the way from Pixie Hollow.  Then there's a window that has a screen behind it and Tink appears in the window and winks at the guests.  I had one little girl ring the bell and when Tink appeared she got SO excited that she ran over to her sister to tell her.  A few seconds late she came back asking if her sister could do it.  Of course she could so when Tink came again the girl looked at me and said "Is that the real Tinkerbell?"  I told her it was and that she must be magic for having Tink hear her all the way at Pixie Hollow.  The girl literally screamed out "Mom I just saw the real Tinkerbell!" as she ran through the store.  It was SO precious!  Later in the day another girl came in.  She looked older, around 8 or 9 and normally girls that age play along but they don't get as excited because they know it's all make believe.  Well she was wearing all Tinkerbell so I asked her if she wanted some pixie dust in her hair.  She said yes so I sprinkled the dust in her hair and told her to make a wish.  Afterwards she asked if it was real pixie dust and where she could buy some.  I told her that it was and that it was a gift just for the store that Tinkerbell had given us ... by then catching on that she actually believed me.  So I asked her if she wanted to call Tinkerbell ... which she of course did.  When Tink appeared her face lit up and mouth fell open in shock.  Another girl had watched and asked if she could call her and after watching.  After the second call the girl looked at me and said "Is that a computer screen?"  I looked her right in the eye and said "Nope, that was really Tinkerbell all the way from Pixie Hollow!"  She looked in amazement and went to find her mom telling her who she had just seen as they left the store.  Finally after my second break I went to the other side of the store where there is a dress that the fairies from Sleeping Beauty fight over the color, so it changes from blue to pink.  A little girl came up to me and asked if it was the real dress from sleeping beauty and how we had gotten it.  I told her that it was and that Princess Aurora had given it to the store as a special present.  She was so excited and looked at her mom and said "It is real mom!  It was a present ... I told you so!"  

So, even though my job can be tiring moments like that make it so worth it!!!   All the girls today were so precious and I loved being able to watch their faces light up when they believed the magic!  

Anyway, I have the next two days off praise God!!!  Tomorrow I will be just relaxing and catching up on some sleep.  Then Tuesday I believe Allie and I will be going over to Epcot to try out the new Kim Possible adventure ... supposedly you become a secret agent and go through all these trap doors and stuff throughout the land while on a mission.  I'll have to let you know how it goes!  Then it's back to work which the rest of the week won't be too bad.  Next week is another story!!!  Sunday I work from 5:15 at night to 1:45 in the morning!!!  I'll have Monday off but then Tuesday I'm gonna have a 10 1/2 hour shift ... which is insane!!!  Thankfully my mom and sister are coming that weekend so I'll have Friday and Saturday off ... praise God!

For now I am watching Cold Mountain while Lauren puts up her laundry.  Have a great night and a blessed week!



Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Steph ~
That sounds like quite a day ~ I am glad that it got better for you ~ the little girls sound just precious ~
I can't wait to go on the Toy Story ride !! We may just have to wait in the line ~
I love you bunches !

auntie kim said...

You must have carpel tunnel after this post! Its a long one! I love reading about whats going on. I kinda put myself there with you because I can picture it from being there. I had no idea that they had it where you could call Tinkerbell and stuff like that.
What do you have planned when your mom and sister are there?
I know it wont be as much fun as standing in downtown disnet dancing like your mom and i did.
I hope that you enjoy your days off.
Luv u
Auntie Kim