Friday, January 23, 2009

2 Days Down ... A Ton To Go!

Well, my first two days of work are officially over with ... and dang were they crazy!!!  Quite honestly my first day was a MESS!  I was told that on your first day you will never be alone.  Well, first thing that happens when I sign in ... I'm alone at the Enchanted Grove cart.  And first thing that happens ... a guy asks me for another pair of sunglasses since the ones on display were bent a tiny bit.  So I checked the backstock we have right there, but couldn't find the exact pair.  We're never suppose to turn a guest away so I then ask him if he would like me to call a manager to check the backstock indoors.  Unfortunately he said yes.  All the carts are stocked with a phone that is usually by the cash register ... except for the Enchanted Grove cart ... it's on the railing in a box behind the cart.  So after searching for awhile the guy got irritated and left.  The next spot on my rotation was Sir Mickey's.  I get to Sir Mickey's and it's SO crowded!!!  And of course since I hadn't had much hands on training yet I had plenty of questions.  And of course the one lady I'm working with is not in the mood for me to ask questions and gets irritated EVERY time I do.  Finally I get rotated again to Tinkerbell's Treasures and am there for a couple hours.  Well whenever a rotation happens we are given a slip of paper that tells you to move to this position and that person to this position and that person to break ... and then it tells you what time to be back from break.  So another cast member comes up and says it's time for my tea party (Fantasyland lingo for break).  I asked him for the paper that had the time for me to come back and of course he didn't have it.  So I rushed through my food and was back up to Sir Mickey's to check in just to find out I was 10 minutes early and not allowed to clock in yet.  So I ran back to the locker room and checked my phone and then headed back up.  Well then I get assigned to Fantasy Faire ... which is fine for awhile but then I was by myself and in charge of the entire store.  So then a girl comes up and tells me once again it was time for my tea party.  I got so confused because I was under the impression I did not receive another break.  But I guess I did ... so I went on my break and then went back and was assigned to help close Tinkerbell's.  I go over to Tinkerbell's and there are only two ladies there and they basically are like "ok just help straighten!"  So I wandered around randomly straightening things.  Well when you work at Magic Kingdom you are allowed to clock out 10 minutes early for travel time since we have to take a bus to the cast parking lot.  So for example if I get off at 8:45 I clock out at 8:35 ... and if I don't clock out by 8:45 I get a point on my card.  By then it was 8:42 so I finally asked a girl if I was suppose to wait for someone to bump me out or just leave.  Turns out I was suppose to clock myself out, so I called a manager and he told me to go over to Sir Mickey's.  So I ran over there and the door was locked!  So I ran back to Tinkerbell's and thankfully the manager was there so I told him I wasn't aware I could clock myself out so he changed my time so I wouldn't get a point and I was able to go home!!!

So then today was a much smoother day!!! I finally was getting the hang of things so I was actually able to interact with the guests and have fun!  At my first position I was at the Enchanted Grove cart and my first customers were two little girls.  They were so so sweet and extremely polite ... and they were like 3 and 6 or something ... so I was able to give them Mickey stickers and pixie pins which are little Tinkerbell trader pins that you can only get from a cast member.  And we only give them out to people who catch our attention for doing something good ... so I told them since they had such good manners they got the special pin.  I had over an 8 hour day ... but it wasn't too bad ... my feet are just killing me!  My last position was on a patio of a store and at 8 every night they have the Wishes fireworks show.  There were so many families standing outside my store watching them and every time one went off everyone got so excited.  It was incredible just to see everyone ... entire families smiling.  And how even the adults became kids again.  One mom was even dancing in the street!  I've also met over the past few days like 3 families with Make-A-Wish kids.  It really made me realize just how lucky I am to be working here because I literally am helping make these families wishes come true.  And as cheezy as it sounds EVERYONE is happy ... of course how could you not be.  So yes ... I will admit I was tearing up during the fireworks!  It was just such an incredible thing to see.  

But I'm exhausted ... and my feet hurt ... and I have to get up at 6 to work from 8-3:30.  But then after I get off I believe my roommate Christina and I are going to explore some parks because she has the day off.  

Have a good night everyone!  Oh and please be in prayer ... Lauren is hoping to go home to see her family and Daniel Tuesday night so pray the flights will be open!  Also, just that we continue to enjoy it here and that God provides some incredible opportunities!



Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Steph ~
I was smiling reading through your first day alone even though you had told me already about it ~ I love that they call breaks Tea Parties, how cute ~
I got tears in my eyes when you told me about the fire works and how it made you cry seeing all of the happy people ~
What fun for you too to get to make the little girls so happy by giving them special pins ~
ahhhh !! me and Kristin were saying after we talked to you that we need to be working there too !!
I can't wait to see what God has in store for you every day that you are there ~
Have a good night's sleep ~

Sue Bellis said...

Hip hip hurray, I can finally leave a message. I love reading your days happenings. Sure wish your mom and I could be doing what you are doing. I think they need me as a grandma image to all the kids, don't you !!! It would be so fun to be there and see and experience what you are. I pray Lauren and you don't get homesick and you will just allow this as an opportunity to do something temporarily different. It isn't for always but will always give you memories. Love you grandma

auntie kim said...

Me and Chels are soooo lucky that you could send our prizes! They got here so fast too!
I'm sorry that your day off was such a bummer, hopefully as you get more aclimated (cant spell) you will have better alone time.
I wish that we were coming to see you too in February.
Well keep up the great blog.
Luv U
Auntie Kim