Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All Moved In

Hey everyone!!!  It's been a busy last few days ... so I thought I should update before more happened.  Anywho ... after we left Pensacola we drove straight to Orlando and checked in at Days Inn.  Then the group of us went to Downtown Disney to just look around and get all Disneyfied.  It was friggin crowded ... so we stopped by Goofy's to get their AMAZING giant cookies that we were addicted to on vacation back in October ... and then we headed back to the hotel for showers and an early night.  The next morning we got up early and headed over to Vista Way apartments for check-in.  The boys and mom had to go to a family meeting thing while Lauren and I waited in line.  All together including a super long line and background check we were there about two hours.  We were assigned to a two bedroom apartment at Patterson Court, a brand new apartment complex that opened in May.  It's gorgeous!!!  Plus Bahama Breeze is on one side and an outlet mall is on the other .... so of course I'm happy!  So we moved in a ran to Wal-Mart to pick up move in stuff and groceries.  Then we had a housing meeting at 3 for about an hour and a half.  When the meeting ended mom and I took Noah to the airport which sucked :(  Then we went to eat at Logan's and got a hotel room.  

This morning I got up about 7:15 and after getting ready I headed over to the apartment to pick up my roommate Christina.  We then went over to Vista and did the second part of check in.  I found out I'll be working the stores in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom.  It's the area with all the kids rides, so I'll be working like a Pooh store and a Tinkerbell store ... which should be a lot of fun!!!  I also got to sign up for a Exploring Marketing class.  It starts at the end of February and is only two hours every Tuesday.  I don't have like any tests or anything ... basically it's just a series of lectures where every week I get to meet with and learn from the leaders of marketing.  Like one week I learn about marketing the merchandise and another the vacation club and another the cruise line!  The whole process only took about an hour so mom and I went to the outlets and got me some new dress pants and shoes and then went around a bunch of places to look for shelves and things.  Then we headed into Disney World to find Disney University where I'll be doing training.  It was fun because it's actually behind Magic Kingdom ... so we had to drive through the Magic Kingdom area and then go into the backlots.  We saw a bunch of the parade floats and the Christmas decorations they were getting ready to store.  After we found the university we went back to the apartment and organized all my millions of clothes.  Then it was time to take mom and Daniel to the airport ... which also sucked :(  I REALLY don't like goodbyes!
But yes ... so tomorrow I have Traditions which is a class about the history and expectations of Disney.  The class starts at 8 at the university so my roommates and I are leaving at 7:15 ... and then I think it's about 4 hours long.  Then that night there's a block party with all the dog characters like Pluto!!!  Then the next day I have to be at the university by 7 for my first day of training ... which will last until 1.  Lauren doesn't have work that day so we're thinking we'll take that afternoon to get to go explore a park ... which I am SUPER excited about!!!  Friday is my second day of training which is from 10:30 to 4:30 and I believe that's when I'll get my costume!  
So ... for now Lauren and I are both on our bed writing blogs.  And she's laughing at the farting noises my computer is making when I slide my wrists against it.  AND we're killing mosquitos ... yes ... there are mosquitos in our bedroom in the middle of January!  Anywho ... I have to dress up tomorrow so it will be an early morning for me.  Which means to bed I go!!!  

I miss you all!!!


Oh and P.S. I promise I'll try and post pictures ... I didn't find my camera while unpacking today but mom left me hers.  I still have to buy a cord ... which I might do tomorrow while Spive is in her Traditions ... who knows!  But I promise I'll buy one and try to get pictures of our apartment and everything up soon!