Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Day Of Official Work :/

Not much has changed in the past few days.  My last day of training was really good.  I had an awesome trainer, probably the best one so far so I learned more then I have pretty much since I got here.  We did some register practice and then we got to learn how to use the sewing machines for the back of the mickey ears!  It was crazy how many people get their named on their ears ... but it was fun and exciting to see everyone so happy when their ears were finished!  After that she took us around Fantasyland and quizzed us on everything we had learned over the past week because we then had to take a test to make sure we were ready ... which I passed yay!!! And then we had to go meet with one of the managers and talk with him and have him quiz us.  Disney is pretty intense!

Yesterday I had the day off ... which quite honestly I wish I had worked!  Lauren had to work so I slept in until about 8 and then literally laid in bed watching tv until noon!  When I finally got up I went to go find a post office.  The guy at the front desk of my apartments told me where to find one, but of course I couldn't.  So I plugged post office into my GPS and somehow ended up driving like an hour for a post office that was suppose to be 8 miles away.  I gave up on that one and looked at a sheet of local businesses I have and it told me of a UPS store next to Publix ... which is RIGHT around the corner from my apartment.  So I drove there and lugged all my stuff in.  Turns out shipping is way more expensive then I can afford.  Luckily Aunt Kim and Chels' stuff was small so I went ahead and shipped theirs.  But for my little familia waiting in Texas ... you're gonna have to come get it or just patiently wait!  And just for future note ... I probably won't be shipping anything else ... so if I do buy you something you'll have to wait till I can see you to give it to you!  Yes so after that I was kinda frustrated so I just went back home.  I made a chicken salad and then made Lauren and my beds ... yes I was that bored.  And then pretty much I spent the rest of the night hanging out and watching movies.  Thrilling isn't it?  Ooo ... I got kinda mad ... actually really mad ... because my tattoo on my foot has to be invisible for work.  So everyday I've been putting tattoo makeup.  Well the makeup doesn't come off unless I scrub it ... plus it like stains my foot if I don't.  Soooooo ... pretty much my tattoo is super faded now ... and lucky me gets to go through the money and pain to fix it when my program is over :(  And for now I can't scrub it anymore ... so I'm gonna have a REALLY stained foot!

Well today is my first real day on the job ... no trainers or anything!  I'm kind of nervous but I'm excited!  Hopefully the days will go much faster now since I'll constantly be busy doing something instead of simply learning over and over.  I'll have to let everyone know how it goes!

Also, I finally figured out how to make my comments work ... so yay you can all comment now!!!  

Last I found out that my mom and sister are coming out February 13 to 15!!!  I had asked for the days off too late but God blessed me and I have all three off ... which I was told never happens for CP's!!!  Then the next weekend Daniel is coming to see Lauren ... if only you all knew just how excited we were!  But for now it's time for me to shower!

Have a great day everyone!!!


P.S. If you haven't seen yet I was able to finally post pictures and videos on the previous post!  


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Hi Steph ~ I hope you have a wonderful day today !! Call me when you get home ~

Kristin said...

I am so excited to come see you too! Those pictures and videos are so cute! I think I am going to make a blog too, that way you can learn about all the exciting and wonderful things I am doing this semester - like......... school? haha love you and I will see you soon!!!!!!!!

Sue Bellis said...

Hey I tried leaving a message and it didn't come out. I want to come see you too. Love reading your blog. Love Grandma